October 2  2005

One-thousand seven-hundred two


searchlight beam, new year celebration

near victory in state, conceiving and conceiving, empire retelling death

secretly or in glory

photograph, sweeping beams, fiction to desire to fictional

island or city or farmland camera

fall morning


dark atmosphere, quiet voice or blue

snaps a photograph of you, camera-friendly infant

black and white sky, photograph of you under searchlight

photographic times, tilting in desert bloom

snapping you blundering or solar

stilting on ice or polarization, modernization striding every cagey corner

lens to reflection, oriental sleep, train racing train window

racing home, step and narrowing ladder in hollow

tower, all of us at home in your sun

you shield love and slap colour, freeze wave, banana leaf

snap time from mobilizing nature

I want to take your picture, put it in my home

“keep it in a place that catches sunshine” 


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