December 12  2003

One-thousand forty-three

pony air over water, outlandish crowd

blistering history, now and away, an odd photo in a lane shop

century snap next to a swell of cracking

books, one or many in leather, one or many expressing a gold face

students probing from rain 

warmer air and an odd figure emerges from cloth or reading

peel reel high jinks in the drying head the drink 

last night the low smart and stupid age of afternoon

sunny pony and outlandish pool

pacing places under atlas 

shelves and at lasts

and one foot still falls after one foot still falls

history plays some young hand flying the horse

floorboards murmur and moan 

wide planks and this attending skin vapours from curb 

grates and condenses shop glass

this dust and shelf

low lyric drawing a turning stair and a slender leg and red boot

climbing to brush fingers under waistbands and top secrets amid translation



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